Sellers’ Information

The 20th Australasian Bromeliad Conference – Golden Broms – will provide sellers with an opportunity to provide conference attendees and the general public a wide selection of bromeliads for purchase.

Our venue is world class and the sales area while restricted in size has enough space to enable many sellers to participate. Please note that there may be some individual seller space restrictions due to the number of sellers anticipated.

A view of the selling area.

Sellers must be registered conference attendees.

For planning purposes, registration must be completed prior being accepted as a seller. This will enable us to provide a fair allocation of selling space.

Some general information for sellers:

  • Golden Broms will use their best endeavours to ensure you have space for your sales plants.
  • We will promote the sales through our web site, social media and newsletters.
  • Our expectations are that plants will be of high quality, new or recent releases, and/or ‘golden oldies’.
  • Plant Biosecurity conditions such as Fire Ants must be observed.
  • Golden Broms will charge a 20% commission.
  • CCTV security will be provided.

To download a Seller’s Information Pack click om the link below.

If you haven’t registered, follow this link to register .